Land-Kidí»s Scholars
  Land-Kid's Scholars is an independent charity funded by Leading Star Trading Co., its employees, patrons, and business partners. The fund seeks to provide financial assistance to high school graduates or college students who have difficulty in paying college tuitions.
  Following the regulations of Chinese Charity Donation Law, Mr. Chan Pak Ying , General Manager of Leading Star Trading Co., signed an donation agreement with Meihekou municipal government on April 28, 2007 in Meihekou, Jilin province.
Implementation Details
1.Scholarship criteria to meet:
  (1) High school graduates in rural areas in Meihekou City;
  (2) admitted by college;
  (3) from low-income family;
  (4) all the above standards must be met simultaneously.
2.Scholarship amount: Students selected for this scholarship are eligible to receive up to RMB 3000.
3.Selected numbers in 2007: 150 students.
4.Application and approval procedures:
  (1) Starting from the 2nd semester of senior high school, students can apply directly to school or league authority for the scholarship. Or they can be recommended by their teachers.
  (2) The applicants are first checked and approved by village community and their school.
  (3) Then they get the approval from league sectors and educational sectors.
  (4) After the results of the Entrance Examination for College have come out, the league and education authority will select the final list of students based on their scores and family financial situations.
Officials attending the ceremony and students receiving the donation took pictures together.
Students attending the ceremony.
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